Nagu Con
Anime Convention~Helena, MT~Est. June 2010
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Maids & Butlers
July 25-27th, 2014
​Doors open at 11 am, Friday
Red Lion Colonial Hotel
Helena, MT
Guest of Honor:
  • An independent role-playing game and entertainment publisher.
  • Creator of "Sword Land RPG"
Great Falls, MT
Learn more: IGRE
Short Film:
Game Companion
  • Thirty-something Bob lives downstairs in his mom's house, works in fast food and has one friend. His greatest accomplishment is making it to master in a fighter-style video game, permitting him a game companion, Kimiko, which turns out to be real. Kimiko is impressed with Bob as a "great warrior", but when she starts to discover he is not very important in his own world, her enthusiasm fades.
Trailer: Game Companion
Learn more: IMDB
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