Nagu Con
Annual Anime Convention
Helena, MT
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Summer Festival
July 24-26, 2015
Red Lion Colonial Hotel (Visit Site)
Helena, MT

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Here is what attendees have to say about us:
"I just want you to know that Nagu is the best convention I've ever been to because it was my first anime con ever and after three days I felt so welcome to the cosplay community and had closer friends than just about anybody. As someone who has a hard time making friends that says something. The staff is a group of wonderful people that work extremely hard to make the con a safe and fun place for everyone of all ages." ~Jasper Martin
Nagu Con presents: The Mad Hatter Tea Party
Join us for some good, mad fun on July 11th, 2015!
We are hosting a grand Mad Hatter tea party for all you wonderful people. There will be treats, and drinks, and fun to be had.

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